The Writer Episode 10 - She's leaving home

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Added: April 14,2014
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With "The Writer — She's Leaving Home," Alis Locanta's formidable, inventive and addictive ten-episode erotic series reaches its conclusion. And, true to previous episodes of the complex, nuanced, and multi-layered narrative, that conclusion comes with an assortment of surprises. In the most honest and direct confrontation with her long-time boyfriend, Franck Franco, headliner Luna explains the inspiration for the series of stories she's been writing: simply put, she imagines him in sexual adventures with other women...who happen to be alternate versions of Luna, herself. Then in a particularly bold and dramatic gesture, she proceeds to write another story about Franck as he sits with her, watching and listening, in rapt attention. This story pairs Franco with young, sweet (but also nasty) version of Luna played by Taylor Sands.

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